Math Game House Sessions

Changing the world, one step at a time…
Welcome to Math Game House!

Math Game House (MGH) is a K-11 after-school math enrichment program originally founded in Ridgefield, Connecticut in 2000. It is now located in the Boston area, a Mecca of Education in the US. The educational approach of MGH follow three ideas: up-to-date findings in the cognitive science relevant for education, curricula centered on each student’s need, and emphasis on core disciplines of traditional mathematics.

Focus Points in Designing Our Curriculum

1. Construct a strong mathematical Structure

Each year students build one floor of big mathematical structure. The structure of mathematics is considered as an upside down pyramid.


2. Spider Web

A concept can be interconnected with many other concepts. For example, fractions can be understood in relationship with division, decimals, percents, ratio, and etc. The more connections between concepts students can make, the stronger their knowledge will be.


3. Spiral Learning

The same topics will be explored for a couple of years in a row. When students visit the same topic in the second and the third year, they can build more connections with the related concepts and gain rich experience of rigorous problem solving.