Math Game House Sessions

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What the parents think of Math Game House Sessions

“My daughter started going to MGH since the second grade. (She just finished grade six.) I could see her math progressing a lot since then. Before, she didn't have any confidence in math and now she believes she has the ability to solve almost any math problem that is thrown at her. Thanks to MGH.” ( Winnsa Wen)

“My daughter, 10 years old, has been a student of MGH for more than 2 years - and HJ (the MGH mentor) has given her a real love of math and a confidence to take positive risks and have fun with math. I can honestly say that HJ has given my daughter a foundation in math that she will have forever. I would recommend MGH for students who are having a problem - or students who just want to stay ahead. Several students, in fact, went to MGH with no problems at all, were really talented in math and HJ was able to keep them interested and challenged in a way they were not getting in their school classes. HJ has a very nice way with the children. She makes learning fun and they love it! Please ask MGH for my phone number if you want to talk further.” ( Leigh Builter )

“My son attended Math Game House with HJ in grades 2-5.  During that time HJ helped to build his math skills and confidence in his abilities in math.  He looked forward to going to her class, and mastered his skills well enough to get into the highest level of math in Middle School.  Once in Middle School he did not attend Math Game House on a regular basis.  When he started having trouble HJ agreed to tutor him and he automatically went from getting low B’s to an A+.  I can not speak highly enough of her skills and ability to work with children to improve their ability and confidence in themselves in math.” ( Jan Arnorld )