Math Game House Sessions

Changing the world, one step at a time…
bullet_pp_2 What is the range of grades covered by MGH program?
Students from kindergarten to 11th grade come to MGH sessions.
bullet_pp_2 What kind of name is Math Game House?
The name was created to capture three important components of serious study, fun, and heartfelt care. Math Game House also develops cool Macintosh and iOS Apps, some of which under development are directly related to our educational philosophy. Please don't confuse it with another MGH, Massachusetts General Hospital.
bullet_pp_2 Why should a person get interested in math?
For some, it comes as just natural. Numbers and shapes give comfort to people with such inquisitive minds. For others, practical aspect alone will be enough, as math is everywhere you look: cooking recipe, graphics designing, accounting, business, to say nothing of science and engineering. Besides, along with musical training, consistent exposure to various math concepts and activities is known to sharpen one’s intellect. Wouldn’t you rather be an intelligent person no matter what you do?
bullet_pp_2 Will the program enhance my school grade and SAT score?
Primary goal at Math Game House is not to just get better grades or high SAT scores. If student feels that alone is the main goal, most of the fun is sucked out already. No great discoveries were ever made out of such motivation. Really. However, if a student becomes confident with math, if she feels comfortable patiently pursuing a solution to a challenge, it will be very hard not to get good grades and scores!
bullet_pp_2 Are there homework assignments?
A little amount of drills is often effective in completely owning an insight or knowledge obtained during the session. I tailor the amount and pace of assignments for each student.